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Sir Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

Martin Brofman

Martin Brofman 1940-2014

Martin Brofman was a former Wall Street computer expert and a student of psychology and comparative religion, developed the Body Mirror System and the Vision Workshop through his experiences of releasing himself of a terminal illness which traditional medicine had considered hopeless – untreatable – and returning to perfect health.

During his own healing process, he learned much about the Body Mind Interface, the relationship between the body and the consciousness, and how it works.

He then developed a model in order to clarify these ideas for himself, as well as to provide a vehicle for teaching them easily and quickly to others.

Martin Brofman has been teaching these ideas around the world for more than 35 years and has trained other people who continue to teach his techniques.

His books have been published until now in 16 languages, and are widely acclaimed for the clarity with which his ideas are expressed. Tens of thousands of students world-wide have learned to use his techniques.
This is his story as he tells, excerpt from his books “Anything can be healed” and “Improve your Vision”:


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