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Are you wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses  ?

You might not have to !

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This weekend workshop was created by Martin Brofman for those who want to improve the eyesight or to change the way they look at themselves or the world. This weekend program combines vision improvement and self-development. You will explore the physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical aspects of your vision and discover the relation between your way of being and to seeing.

Eyesight is not just a physical process involving acuity. It is a multi-dimensional function affecting and affected by our emotional and mental states of Being, and also linked to our personalities.

Our way of being correlates with our way of seeing. That is, each type of vision impairment correlates with specific personality types that represent stressed ways of interacting with our surroundings

Stress is tension. People who do not see clearly are tense in their bodies, and tense in their consciousness.

Tension in the consciousness is related to tension in the muscles in a very specific way. Where we feel the tension is related to why we feel the tension.

Surrounding each eyeball are six eye muscles. These extra-ocular muscles serve as part of the focusing mechanism for our eyesight. They cause the eyeballs to elongate or shorten, depending on what we are looking at, and what we are thinking or feeling. These muscles also hold tensions when there is stress (tension) in the person’s consciousness.

Impaired vision comes about at a time in people’s lives when they are experiencing stress in relation to their environment, and do not see clearly, both literally and figuratively.

When this goes on for an extended period of time or to an extreme of intensity, the eye muscles that hold these tensions may become temporarily “frozen“, holding the eyeball in an out-of-focus condition.

oeilThe Eye Muscles

These eye muscles can be relaxed, and clear vision can be restored, using relaxation techniques and Hatha Yoga eye exercises (similar to what optometrists call “motility training.“)

If stress affects eyesight adversely, it follows that relaxation techniques can be used to improve it.

When the proper “tone“ is restored to the eye muscles, the eyeballs are able to resume their natural shape, and clear vision can return.

Tensions are released from the person’s body and consciousness as well, and there is a return to an easier, clearer, more natural (for that person) way of Being.

For many people the road to clearer vision involves an inner journey, a process of self-discovery. The time it takes is variable, depending on the person’s sensitivities, and beliefs, and their willingness to let go of certain attitudes in favor of others that work better for them.

The return to clarity might happen within minutes or hours, or it might take months. The important thing is to know that the process is underway, and watching the improvement as it happens.

A Vision Workshop

This weekend vision improvement program was developed by Sir Martin Brofman, who healed himself from a life-threatening illness that traditional medicine had considered hopeless. By exploring his consciousness and using inner techniques of visualisation, relaxation and positive thinking, such as those presented in this class, he healed himself.

A ”side-effect“ of his healing process was that he no longer needed the eyeglasses he had been wearing for 20 years. This is what stimulated him to explore the relationship between eyesight and consciousness, and to develop this class

He has also developed a system of healing, “The Body Mirror System,“ which explores the relationship between our consciousness, our life and our entire physical body.

He is the author of “Improve your Vision“ and “Anything can be Healed,“ and his techniques are taught around the world by excellent instructors he has trained.

” There isn’t anything you can’t do – Just some things you haven’t yet learned how to do. ” Martin Brofman

Do you want to improve your eyesight ?

During this weekend experience, you will explore the physical, emotional, psychological and metaphysical aspects of your vision in order to discover the relationship between your way of being and your way of seeing. You’ll have the chance to return to a way of being that works better for you.

You will be able to consider the various factors that you have allowed to affect your vision, until now, with the opportunity to do something about it – to change your mind about certain things, make different decisions, and to use your mind as a tool to improve the quality of your vision.

Many people leave the weekend class seeing more clearly than when they came, and if the process is not yet complete, having knowledge of the tools they can use to continue the improvement on their own.

Techniques you will learn and use include :

Deep relaxation at Alpha state.

Positive thinking & changing limiting ideas.

Hatha Yoga eye exercises.

Creative visualizations and affirmations.

Through the exercices, the Vision Workshop allows you to become aware of the metaphorical aspects of your eyesight, to experience the clear vision as a state that exists in you, to accept the state of consciousness in which you see more clearly without glasses or contact lenses and to create a new way of being and seeing more effective for you.

For over thirty five years, many people have already participated in this two days adventure and have either improved partially or completely healed their eyesight and vision.

There isn’t anything you can’t do – Just some things you haven’t yet learned how to do. This is an opportunity to go beyond your perceived limits, do things you thought were impossible, and recognize the unlimited nature of your Being.

Who is this class for ?

A Vision Workshop is for anyone with impaired eyesight, i.e. nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, who is willing to take responsibility for themselves, and to do the inner work necessary for the process to be successful. Even people with “organic” vision problems like glaucoma, cataracts, etc. have reported clearer vision in these classes.

Returning to clarity of eyesight also means returning to your natural state of inner clarity, health, harmony and balance – to who you really are.

During this workshop, It is important that you not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, and you will be asked to remove them and to leave them off – at least for the duration of this class – so that you can see for yourself the degree of improvement as it happens.

Come and see for yourself !

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