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The Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing was founded by Martin Brofman. It exists to promote the cause of healing in the world, as well as the particular methods of healing that Martin Brofman has developed. These are the Body Mirror System of Healing (Exploring the Body Mind Interface through the Chakras) and A Vision Workshop (Using Your Mind to Clear Your Eyesight). Both classes are based on the idea that being healthy and happy is necessarily linked with thinking for yourself, taking responsibility for your life and what happens in it, and fully being yourself.

These self-help methods are described in Martin Brofman’s books, Anything Can Be Healed, and Improve Your Vision, both published by Findhorn Press, and are being taught around the world in various languages, for the benefit of humanity. These tools and techniques help people to understand themselves and those around them, as well as providing practical means for improving the quality of their lives, and helping others.